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Poetry on the Brink


A few days ago we came across this commendable article by Marjorie Perloff: We particularly enjoyed her denouncement of the perfectly publishable lyric, which invariably comprises the following characteristics: 1) irregular lines of free verse; 2) prose syntax, laced with graphic imagery or even extravagant metaphor (the sign of … Continue reading

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How to Seduce Women (Dedication)*


Alla granata austriaca che, irritata più di cento precedenti per non aver potuto spegnere le mie vulcaniche schiiiaantaanti bombarde di Zagora, mi adornò faccia cosce gambe dei soli tatuaggi degni di noi futuristi, barbari civilizzatissimi che combattiamo per il rinnovamento ingigantimento del genio italiano F.T. MARINETTI To the Austrian grenade … Continue reading

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Afasia e poesia nel V canto dell’Inferno


When I sat down with my students to perform a textual analysis of the fifth canto of Dante’s Inferno, I had no idea we would discover something that, to the best of my knowledge, had never been said before. It just goes to show that a text can still surprise … Continue reading

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